Start Looking at Homes


  • Most buyers will look at 5 – 15 homes before they find what they are looking for. This is just a guideline, and it could be less and it could be more. On the other hand, sometimes a buyer will ultimately purchase the first home they looked at!

  • How quickly you find the “right” home depends a lot on how strict your parameters are, and the current market conditions. Purchasing a home in a buyer’s market is drastically different than purchasing a home in a seller’s market. Have your buyers representative explain to you how market conditions will impact your home search.

  • Trust your buyers representative and listen to your their recommendations. A professional buyers representative lives and breathes real estate every day. Often, they are specialists in certain communities and will have valuable information to share about that specific area. While everyone will have an opinion, it’s extremely unlikely that you or your friends or relatives, know the local real estate market better than your buyers representative!