New Construction Homes

What about Looking at New Construction Homes?

This may be one of the most important times to have your own representation. Most people don’t realize that when they go to look at model homes that the agent greeting them and showing them the model homes is working for the builder, who in this case is the seller.

One of the best reasons to use a buyers representative when looking at new builds is that they have access to ALL of the builders and what they are building and where they are building.

A buyers representative can narrow your search down to the builders that are building where you want to be, and that have homes that meet your criteria and are in your price range, thus saving you excessive driving time getting from builder to builder only to find the homes are completely out of your price range, or are not the size or type of home you would consider.

A buyers representative can weed through all the builder’s inventory and only focus on the builders that have the type home that will be most suitable for your family and lifestyle.

Therefore you should always have your own buyers representative looking out for you when considering a new build home.

They will:

  • Review the Public Report and explain it to you in detail.

  • Help you to understand all the documents in the builder’s contract.

  • Review all the builders documents looking for anything that isn’t in your best interest.

  • Make absolutely certain that you are not signing and therefore agreeing to anything that would cause you problems later on.

Your buyers representative will help you throughout the building process to assure that construction is progressing in a timely fashion and according to the specs provided by the Builder.

Once your new build is almost ready to close they will recommend an inspection be done by an outside home inspection company other than the one that the builder hires. Having your own selected home inspectorassures the home is in an acceptable condition before you close on it.

Considering all the benefits of working with a buyers representative when looking for a new build home, you don’t want to go on your first visit to a model home community without your own representation. A buyers representative MUST be with you on your first visit to tour model homes in order to register you so that they will be allowed your representation.