Closing the deal

The Closing Date is identified in the terms and conditions agreed upon in the Purchase Contract.

  • Buyer should arrange for utility company connections to be placed in their names prior to the close of escrow date.

  • Buyers final walkthrough should take place 3-5 days prior to the close of escrow date. The seller should have all repairs that were agreed upon in the inspection period completed by this time.

  • No later than 3 days prior to close of escrow date, the buyer will review the HUD settlement

  • Title company properly and officially disperses Buyer and Seller’s funds.

  • Title company will record the new deed in the new buyer’s name, with the county office where the property is located.

  • Title company will notify the buyers agent that recordation has taken place.

  • Buyer’s agent will notify the buyer, and arrange for house keys (and garage door openers, etc..) to be delivered to the Buyer statement, sign their loan documents, and deliver closing funds to the escrow or title company.